ÅF Offshore Race reaches more channels than ever before

The Royal Swedish Yacht Club hosted the annual ocean race between Stockholm and Gotland. Together with partners, Avantime Media Production providing in depth coverage, Screen9 enabled the video content to be broadcast more widely than ever before.

Live Streaming direct from the race village and full coverage of the race itself has been streamed direct to the race website: http://www.ksss.se/race/ where more than 20,000 fans followed streams of the race.

Cedric Leijon, Senior Business Digital Advisor at Avantime, said “This was the first time the ÅF Offshore Race has been live streamed. We had high expectations of the Screen9 Online Video Platform and our expectations were met in every way.”

All content was then automatically made available for viewing later On Demand.

Therese Alström, CEO at KSSS, said “We were very pleased with Screen9 for providing a highly useable live streaming service and automatic conversion to On Demand. We could then focus on maximizing coverage of the superb content.”

The result of the additional coverage has contributed to our most successful race yet, along with delivering value for participants, spectators and sponsors alike.

About Avantime
Avantime is an organization that creates synergies between market, concept, technology and business value. Avantime proactively develops their business relationships to help clients create a competitive advantage with effective digital soloutions. For more information please visit www.avantime.se

About KSSS
The Royal Swedish Yacht Club, KSSS, is Sweden’s largest and oldest yacht club. Founded in 1830 and now has around 5,000 members.
KSSS arranges camps, junior and elite training along with flotilla sailing. We are also one of the leading yacht race organizers in Sweden. Among the races is ÅF Offshore Race (previously known as Gotland Runt), the most famous and is also one of the world’s largest offshore races. For more information please visit www.ksss.se

For further information contact:

Robert Risberg, CEO at Screen9
Tel: +46 (0) 8 641 2233
E-mail: robert.risberg@screen9.com

Cedrik Leijon, Senior Business Digital Advisor at Avantime
Tel: +46 (0) 8 599 090 26
E-mail: cedrik.leijon@avantime.se

Therese Alström, CEO of KSSS
Tel: +46 (0) 73-358 66 58
E-mail: Therese@ksss.se

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