Product Overview

Corporate OVP

Used throughout larger corporations to improve communication internally, with partners, customers and share owners. Includes security, APIs, CMS integrations, Console UI for large user bases, sharing of content between accounts, live broadcasts and more.

Government OVP

Used by the public sector for communication and education. Meets GDPR and WCAG 2.1 AA. Includes security, APIs, Console User Interface, subtitles, automatic transcription, integrations with CMSs and DAMs, live broadcasts and more.

Media OVP

Optimised for the workflow of media companies. Includes rapid encoding, third party connections with analytics services, automated import and exports to content suppliers, advertising integrations, customised player, live broadcasting and more.

E-commerce OVP

Improve conversion on e-commerce. Includes APIs and callbacks for seamless integrations with PIMs, DAMs and CMSs, light weight player, asset management for video inventory, call-to-action functionality, replace video functionality.

Online Video Platform

The bare bone OVP to base you video services on. Access to Console UI and all APIs included and many optional extensions available. Ideal for custom solutions.


Live Mixer

Broadcast from one or more cameras. Mix live sources with pre recorded videos, presentations or images. Supports picture-in-picture mixing and speaker overlays.

Play Channel

Get a play channel up and running in minutes. Easy administration for basic needs. Supports customisation, security, live broadcasts and chat.

Can’t find what’s right for you?

Some of our customers required customised packages. Screen9 has great flexibility and many options available.