Designed for e-Commerce

  • Integrate video capabilities directly into your existing Content Management System (CMS) or Product Information Management (PIM) system
  • Fully automate the workflow between production and publishing
  • Enable syndication of your videos in Social Media to drive further engagement
  • Use Call-to-Action to increase conversion rates and recommended videos to support increased basket values

Screen9 offers best in class technology, bringing a wealth of experience from serving the market for more than 15 years, you’ll find us perfect for your needs today, but keeping an eye on your future needs.

Product video upload enables you to seamlessly produce video and connect it with a product on your webpage or in your PIM. The process enables large scale production of product videos, which are then automatically published with the correct product page.

Delve deep into the product with 360 degree video. Allow your visitors to scan and zoom around a product, switch the video to full screen or add call-to-action – all to increase your conversion rate.

Maximize reach with video that works on all devices, even if your visitor is on the move. Ultra fast players ensure the video loads instantly and True Adaptive Streaming removes the issue of a user moving between mobile broadband masts, by seamlessly checking their connection and adapting the bitrate to their optimal needs.

Make your site experience more engaging with user-generated video. Screen9 can accept virtually any video file and convert it into formats that work on all devices. Select from the best submissions to assist converting visitors to buyers.

Screen9 offers seamless integrations with leading analytics providers, so you can measure and optimize the increase in conversion rates your videos are delivering.

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Some example e-Commerce customers

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Example features for e-Commerce customers

Innovative call-to-action functionality
Publish both Live and On-Demand 360° video
Customizable HTML5 player
Manage your video content on social media
True Adaptive Streaming in real-time
Complete set of in depth video analytics

Need more features?

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