Designed for Publishers

Empower your journalists to publish video within their existing workflow, whilst offering your audience a first class viewing experience which works on all devices.

  • Flexibly integrate the advertising partner of your choice
  • Set-up Live Streaming events and switch between cameras with ease
  • Shoot On Demand or Live video via the Screen9 App on your mobile
  • Monitor audience figures in real time
  • Connect seamlessly with Newspilot Digital WriterOptimizely (Episerver) or another CMS. Alternatively, build an integration using our APIs.

Screen9 offers best in class technology, bringing a wealth of experience from serving the market for more than 15 years, you’ll find us perfect for your needs today, but keeping an eye on your future needs.

Optimized workflow enables your journalists and editors to focus on the story in hand and not the technological steps around publishing. Out-of-the-box integrations with leading editorial Content Management Platforms such as Newspilot, DrPublish and more, minimizes the time to get up and running.

Screen9’s industry leading solution allows intuitive Live event set-up with no previous knowledge required. Fast, robust and simple Live solution allows for mixing of multiple live streams, combined with the ability to select highlights via an App or trim your videos fast to remove unwanted segments.

Seamless integrations with content providers such as TT/Scanpix and content generation services such as Bambuser, enable you to automatically ingest video the moment it becomes available. Rapid converting of video files into optimal formats, for presenting on any device via ultra-fast, lightweight players to maximize your audience.

Real time statistics empower you to make the editorial decisions that are right for you. Screen9 offers integrations with leading analytics and advertising providers along with the ability to push out your content to your syndication partners.

Any questions? Any time zone? We offer 24/7 support!

Some example Media customers

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Example Features for Media Customers

Live stream from a camera, computer or phone
Monetize your content using advertising, pay-per-view or subscription models
Mix & edit multiple live streams
Create a play channel in minutes from ready-made templates
Create and publish content instantly with the App
Optimize workflow with the NewsPilot Plugin
Complete set of in depth video analytics
Encode and host user generated video

Need more features?

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