Today eSam released their report Digital collaboration platform for the public sector where Screen9 is proud to be recommended as a GDPR safe online video platform.

The report is a cooperation between different parties in the public sector where multiple digital collaboration tools and platforms have been tested and evaluated by a workgroup including the Swedish Tax Authority and 120 other authorities in the public sector. The work behind report, which includes regulatory compliant digital collaboration tools and platforms for the public sector, was originally started to find a GDPR compliant replacement for Microsoft Teams but was later expanded to include other tools and platforms including video streaming.

“We know that many local and public authorities have waited for this report to know understand if their existing platforms could be kept or had to be replaced. Screen9 understood early on, with GDPR and not the least after the Schrems II verdict, that we needed to provide an alternative to the US cloud sub-providers we where then using to offer a fully GDPR compliant service to customers in both the public and private sector. Today, we proud to that our focused work has been acknowledged in the eSam report and that current and future customers can feel safe using the Screen9 Online Video Platform”, says Joakim Rosenquist, Head of Sales at Screen9.

The report can be download here.
The Screen9 recommendation is in appendix 4.

Interested in learning more about Screen9’s GDPR compliance? Please contact:

Joakim Rosenquist
Head of Sales, Screen9
+46 (0)70-26 92 302

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