Seamless video publishing in Newspilot Digital Writer

Screen9’s Digital Writer plugin is an intuitive but advanced service for uploading, publishing, broadcasting live, managing video within Naviga/Infomaker’s Newspilot. It focuses on workflow, to minimize tool time for publishing video but is at the same time fully compatible with the Screen9 OVP and the Screen9 App for content generation. The plugin is also available as source code for you extend and adapt for your specific needs or expose more Screen9 functionality. The Screen9 OVP is integrated with many other services such as advertising solutions, CMSs, analytics services, video editing solutions etc and the extensive APIs can be used for integration with other services.

The plugin is compatible with Newspilot Digital Writer version 5.x and 6.x. To use the plugin, you must have a Screen9 account. To start a free trial, please sign up here.